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PANTONE® for design and print


We offer an extensive selection of fan guides, chips books, software and equipment to satisfy the discriminating color needs of graphics and print professionals. Use these publications to confidently communicate solid, metallic, pastel and process colors and accurately implement color effects such as tints. You’ll be prepared to work with color on different paper stocks and substrates. We’ll even equip you to bring PANTONE Colors to the Web.

Special Packages

The PANTONE ultimate survival kit gives you these five essential colour reference tools in a convenient case at a great bundle price. PANTONE formula guide, coated, matte coated and uncoated paper edition.(The PLUS series is available in the UK from June 2010)

Chip Books

PANTONE® colour books containing 'chips' of colour - to enable the user to 'break off' a chip of colour, to be used to send to client, send with job to printer to ensure correct pantone match etc...

Guides and Books

a collection of PANTONE® colour guides and books for use by printers and designers

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