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Pantone Colour Bridge Guides – Coated, Uncoated And Matte (And Other Guides)

The idea behind the Pantone Colour Bridge Guides was primarily to help contracted designers to match up specific colours during the manufacturing part of the process. Pantone Colour Bridge Guides contain samples of a wide variety of different colours and shades; they are produced in order to be durable and also transportable. Graphic designers can therefore carry them on their person when meeting on site with potential customers.

Since shading and colouring is liable to vary depending on whether the colour is produced on coated, uncoated or matte paper, it is possible to purchase Pantone Colour Bridge Guides for all 3. So, if you wish to specify how colours will appear on a coated stock, you would obviously use a coated Pantone Colour Bridge Guide. The small variances are indicative of the high level of accuracy to which Pantone has traditionally aspired.

Pantone now produces a range of other guides which can be used when working on different types of materials. For example, there are Metallic Formula Guides and Pastel Formula Guides. Both of these can also be sensibly accompanied by their related Metallic Chips or Pastel Chips guides. A Metallic Chips Guide will offer 6 chips for each of the metallic colours and there is a similar output for the pastel chips.

As a very general guide, prices for the guides are in the region of £100 (excluding VAT), although different ones can fall above or below this amount