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Pantone: The Most Popular Pantone Products As Used In The Fashion And Home Industry

The American Pantone company has, for many years, been the market leader in providing solutions to colour uniformity and standardization in industries such as printing and interior design. Here, we look at some of the best products for home designers.

  • 1. Pantone Fashion And Home Colour Guide – This product is available for purchase in the traditional Pantone presentation style (essentially a tough, transportable fan – like design). The pages are arranged in a logical progression of families of colours, with progressive shades along each strip. Within the booklet there are over 1,900 different colours which can assist with customer on – site meetings.
  • 2. Pantone Fashion And Home Colour Specifier – This product presents the same range of colours as the product above, but in a different way. The colours come presented in an attractive and professional looking tome. For each colour, there is a divider containing 6 chips which can be torn out. This product is designed to be used to supplement design sketches during the product development phase.
  • 3. Pantone Colour Cue – Effectively, this is a smart, hand – held device which can be used to exhibit the full extent of 3 Pantone colour libraries (the Matching System, the Pantone Goe System and the Fashion And Home Smart System). Compared to the 2 previous products, this is a much more technological Pantone product and somewhat departed from their more traditional ranges. For this reason, it is at the higher end of the Pantone price range.