DCS Typo Litho Meter

The DCS Typometer is a truly indispensible, high precision tool for the accurate measurement of type and font sizes up to 340 points, DIN format sizes, line spacing in pica-points and line thicknesses.

The DCS Lithometer also allows you to measure screen angles and widths and offers a screen tester that accurately measures and tests both films and layout proofs.

The DCS Typometer allows you to:

Measure type up to 340 points
Gauge line spacing in pica-points
Measure line thicknesses in pica-points
Simple DIN Format size reference resource
The DCS Lithometer allows you to:

Measure screen angle and screen values as well as printed items
Gauge distance between screen lines from 50 to 300 lpi
Measure in millimetres and inches with the mini-ruler

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