PANTONE Premium Metallic Chips

PANTONE Plus Series Premium Metallics Chips (Coated) – 300 shimmering shades to add real sizzle to your design projects!
PANTONE Plus Series Premium Metallic Chips (Coated) offer 300 dazzling metallic colours that have been specifically developed to meet the ever-growing demand for and use of special-effect inks.

PANTONE Premium Metallic Chips (Coated) are chromatically arranged and printed on coated loose-leaf style pages offering six tear-out chips that are ideal for attaching to artwork and digital files.

PANTONE Premium Metallic Chips (Coated) offer greater brilliance, can be easily coated without any loss of luster and possess a greater life after printing without tarnishing or discolouration.

The new Plus Series PANTONE Premium Metallic Chips (Coated) is an essential guide for the discerning colour professional and boasts numerous features, including:

  • 300 shimmering metallic colours with increased luster for greater impact
  • Formulated with non-leafing, coatable inks
  • Printed on coated, Text-weight, FSC compliant paper
  • Ink mixing formulas
  • Color Manager Software for colour updates to popular design applications
  • Can be coated with aqueous and UV coatings
  • Simple index system for easy referencing
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